10/4/12 update

Violet has started to roll!  She has been getting onto her left side and now she has started going toward the right.  I guess today @ daycare she made it all the way to the right & onto her belly….I love it!  Violet has really started to find her voice over the last few weeks.  It can be really exciting, when it’s not 3 or 4 in the morning!  Ha!  Neck control is getting better.  She’s been eating solids for a while.  She does have her favorites and others she could definately do without, but we force them in her anyway! We have noticed a litttle bit of roundness to the back of Vi’s head since she started wearing the helmet, so that’s good.  We aren’t using it like they told us to, she wears it all day but some nights she won’t settle down with it on & I take it off.  People gotta sleep!

There really isn’t a lot to report.  Which is actually nice.

For those of you that follow the Caring Bridge site there may be some duplicate entries as I have copied & pasted the last 2 from there onto here.  I am trying to make sure everyone who follows the sites get all my “random” thoughts 🙂

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