last visit with MFC

So many times I make and entry in my head and it never makes it to the sites. 

Where do I begin? Our family is growing up!  I can’t believe that Violet is going to be 1 next week.  It amazes me!  It feels like just yesterday we had Jake’s sister Hannah at the house & we were heading to Wausau for the induction.  Now she is going to be 1!!!  She is such a little honey. 

And Grace…Grace is potty trained, in a big girl bed & on her way to 3 years old.  Where has all this time gone?

Violet update: This months appointments: They went pretty good.  We saw Neurology, Physical Medicine, Urology, had UltraSound, labs and then Nephrology was added to our schedule.  The Ultrasound showed some calcification which means that she is developing kidney stones in her right kidney.  We did a bunch of lab tests that all came back normal so we will do a repeat US in March to see how the stones / kidney looks.  Other than that her appointments went really well. We will trial her off of her antibiotics again to see if she continues to get frequent UTIs or if maybe she has outgrown them a little. 

She recently got over another ear infection and UTI so she was on double antibiotics for that and having constant bowel movements so since we are transitioning her little body isn’t going to the bathroom now.  So we are back to more generlac & suppositories. We are also going to trial her on Zantac

Well, since I started this entry.  We have started the trial of the Zantac and probably will stop it until we get her bowels under control.  Or should I really say, working again.  The poor girl has always been on antibiotics and she is not on any right now so currently she isn’t going #2…makes for one crabby little girl! 

So what is going on with sweet Violet?  Not much…not much at all…including…NOT POOPING! Ugh!  If it’s not one thing to worry about, it’s another…UTIs, ear infection, poop…Now I am NOT complaining, because really what does that solve? Just trying to figure out the right combination of stuff to get her body going. 

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