So some of you know about a few strange things that have happened to Violet this week. 

Over the weekend she was sneezing and blood was coming out of both nostrils and then Sunday Jake noticed her hearing aid was full of dried blood.  We brought her to the walk in and they said to follow up with ENT this week.  Things got better so we didn’t worry about it.  We wondered if she didn’t have a sinus infection so we decided to put her on Amoxicillin.  This antibiotic is known to mess with her little belly so it wasn’t until this morning that I decided we should proceed and start to give her the antibiotics. 

This week she was doing pretty good.  We hadn’t really noticed to much from her nose or ear, until this morning.  She had a mild amount of blood come from both ear & nose again.

Poor Violet is the one who suffers.  This evening she was super fussy, tired, but couldn’t settle down.  I stripped her to change her diaper and she seemed to be a little better.  He feet were super hot & red.  Violet never has warm hands or feet.  They are usually a light purple / blue / grey shade.  Plus I thought they looked a little puffy.

We still have no answers as to what the cause was of  the bleeding is. 

The only good thing about the trip to MFC today was the fact that I had enough time and stopped in Optical and got her glasses ordered.

Please pray for Violet.  I am not sure what is going on with her.  Minus the bleeding she is super fussy.  Pray that she will be able to rest and Jake and I can get some sleep.

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