“poor little thing”

I know that this is a long journey we are on and we will come across many people who will say really dumb things so this will be one of those rants.

I ran into this lady the other day who on a daily basis I make small talk with.  She’s never asked about Violet or really even said anything more to me than Good morning.  She made a comment that instantly made me think…why…her comment: “poor little thing” The question in my head was “why”, why poor Violet?  I let the comment go because she doesn’t know Violet.  Those of us that do don’t see the “disability”. What we see is a thriving, beautiful, funny, smiley, happy baby who proves that she can do something amazing every day! 

I know that this lady didn’t mean anything bad by her comment, someone very near and dear to my heart has also made comments about how “sad” it is…my question still remains…what’s sad…I understand she is not our atypical child & sometimes yes I get frustrated…I’m tired, crabby, I just want her to go to sleep and she is fussy…but then it’s mornings like today where she wakes up and is talking softly at me and I feed her and she is done and tells me she wants to go to sleep I wrap her up and she almost falls asleep right away and I can’t keep from smiling. 

So I have to wonder, what makes this beautiful little girl misfortunate.  I saw something on Facebook this evening from someone who has only run into Violet once or twice and she wrote the sweetest thing…” I have had the opportunity to meet Miss Violet.  She is just a bundle of joy and smiles.”  thanks Anne K.  This is what I am talking about…seriously?!?!  Poor little thing!  No way!

Please don’t for one second think that my darling daughter is misfortunate.  While we have challenges atypical children don’t  I wouldn’t change most things we deal or have dealt with.  Do I really enjoying cleaning up multiple poop filled outfits?  Absolutely not, but she will look up at me and smile or giggle or roll around the room or rub her right thumb along her cheek and giggle or smile…seriously the list of joyful moments continue….why “poor little thing”  There is no reason…she is blessed….we are blessed…

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