Seriously! poor Violet has another UTI. Poor kid is on antibiotics to prevent these things and she continues to get them. Once we treat this one we are really going to decide where we are going to go from here. I really don’t know what to do anymore. We have a few friends that have mentioned some different “alternate” medicines but I am nervous about them. No real regulation, no real information about dosage / interactions. It makes me nervous to give them to my “special needs” child. what is a parent to do. I am so tired of her being on antibiotics and her gut issues with that but what are we supposed to do…try to convince a doctor to try alternate medicine, get in on her care plan and hope we can get reimbursed for the non covered meds at the end of the year.

Poor baby, her bottom / back / belly hurt from the UTIs but then her new ear molds don’t fit right either…luckily for us we have an amazing Audiologist who always fights to get molds that fit. We aren’t really sure how they can make them right sometimes and they fit great and others…they don’t. how is it so difficult?!?

On other news…Vi is developing really well! She got a really good report card and I think she even surprised some of the therapist! We are going to start more intensive physical / speech therapy through Aspirus. I am kind of excited about this since she is doing so well, I wonder how she will do if we expect more from her.

On the home front. We will be officially moved into the new house by Friday. Grace is really excited about her room and we have been blessed to have people help get everything ready from curtain making, painting, carpet installer coming a day early all the little details that fell together.

I am excited for Vi to have her own room too since I think she might sleep better. Still concerned if too much room is not going to be a good thing but we will see!

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