We have so much to be thankful for this year. Although we have had hiccups along the way with illnesses in 2013 we have made it to the end of November without any (dare I say it) major medical issues like last year! A couple of hospital stays here or there, some infections and a few surgical procedures but nothing as scary as what 2012 brought.

We have made so many new friends and have spread the word about rare chromosome disorders. We have been blessed by complete strangers, who we will truly never be able to show our thankfulness to. Violet is gaining weight and growing like crazy! Even if the charts & numbers dont really show it her clothes do!

We have been able to get some amzing equipment for her mobility and accessibility and will be fighting to get more.

I’m so thankful for today’s technology really. Without the advancement in health care I have to wonder where Violet would be…in an institution? Starving? Thinking back to a day where they didn’t have NG tubes or G tubes a child like Violet might not have made it if she didn’t eat. My life would be so empty without her. Although the late nights / sleepless nights are certainly getting old her precious little face makes my heart melt. When she looks at me with those eyes or when she is in a silly mood and enjoys being tickeled that smile & those eyes will get me every time! Or those sweet lips & peaceful look while she is sleeping. Those are the moments every parent enjoys & for that I am thankful. Even through the difficult days, I would never give up my life. This is the life I was given and for that I am thankful, 2 beautiful children, a wonderful, devoted husband, great healthcare providers, understanding friends & coworkers. It’s the people who stick by us through thick and thin and don’t judge us for what we have accomplished or haven’t done that I am most thankful for. In my books in the last almost 23 months we have accomplished a major lifestyle change! No one ever expects to have a child with special needs and we took this lifestyle and embraced it, everyday. How do we do it? Just like you…one day at a time!

Today we are thankful for a God who loves bigger than we can ever imagine, for all the people who have been there and supported us through so many trials, good times, bad times, our family for putting together the golf benefits to support Violet, the wonderful team of ladies and the community who supported her this summer. So many times we have said that Thank you is never enough…it always feels like it isn’t, but know we are thankful for you…for taking the time to read…care…pray…love…support our family…our sweet Violet.

If you haven’t ever gotten the chance to meet her I hope someday you do…she will bring a smile to your face and a memory you will always have…Thank you

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