Where do I begin???

Violet has done so many fun things lately.  Day care discovered she is using her right arm to bat at her toys.  So they added links so she could actually hit the toys & sure enough, she sat there for a while just playing 🙂  I love this stage of developement that is beating odds.  I even experienced her doing the same thing this morning when I put her on the mat to play while I snuggled with Grace before sending them off to daycare.

Drs appts: We went to Marshfield this week to get xrays and the helmet and then off to see the Physical Medicine Dr. (who is basically an orthopedic dr, just not surgical)  Vi’s hip xrays look good.  Her right arm was good.  We are waiting to see what Dr. Jaglan our surgeon has to say about the xrays and we might be able to cancel his appt in October!  (secretly hoping he thinks everything is fine).

Vi looks adorable in her “hat” as Grace calls it. She said to me, “I Love Violet’s hat, Daddy picked it out”  SO sweet! She is such a good big sister!  My plan is to get a picture taken of her & loaded for all to see 🙂

The unfortunate thing that we discovered is Vi does indeed have another UTI, so she is currently on antibiotics and after waiting for the culture and waiting for Dr Thomalla (our Urologist) to let us know his thoughts, she will be back on a preventative antibiotic when she is done with this round to treat the infection.  I’m sort of bumbed about that as the antibiotics just seem to take a number on her belly but we are going to try  a different one in hopes that she will tolerate it better.  Day care has gotten really good at knowing when she is going to have a BM and today they stripped her down and put a towel under her & we didn’t go through clothes!  Yeah for today!

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