Violet got a new toy from a service we have here in Portage Co called Birth to 3.  We were looking for a new activity mat for the floor for her to play with & they didn’t have any in their storage room but found this fabulous toy online that has a hanging toy & then the foot part of it is actually a piano that she can kick & kick.  Oh my goodness!  I am pretty sure she was having so much fun last night & this morning because boy was she kicking.  I think she was even smiling a little bit!  It was a joy to watch her play.  Her legs were going & her arms were going playing & swatting at the hanging toys.  I couldn’t believe it!

Vi is making some amazing progress with her skills.  She is starting to roll with a little help.  She is really starting to look for right side since we started using the wrist rattles on her arm brace & if I haven’t said it before, boy does she get annoyed if you don’t put her hearing aides in when she wants to listen to what’s going on around her…I love it!

She got her helmet last week to help with her flat head.  It will need to be adjusted since her right hearing aide does not fit well with it on.  At night when she wants to snuggle she is not a fan of it either (& I love to snuggle with her & take it off….so we might be wearing it longer than normal….) No one has said really how long she will need it on for so we’ll see.  We actually inquired about it before any of our providers mentioned it to us…so…I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.  I think her head might be a little less flat already, the bump in the back doesn’t seem as defined. Grace likes Violet’s “hat” and loves to share that daddy picked it out 🙂  So cute!

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