I really don’t have too much to report so if you visit this site and there hasn’t been a post lately it isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Life has been pretty quite.  Which I think we all enjoy.  No major doctor visits and like I tell everyone we have been hospital free since May!  YEA!

Violet is GROWING LIKE A WEED!  She is getting so big and a little too smart for her own good!  Although she loves her hearing aids she discovered that she could take them out and did it twice yesterday at daycare.  Funny little girl!  She also can get her helmet off and I am pretty sure she enjoys this!  Still laughing when she does it.  She has started to sit up if propped appropriately, head control is getting better.

I can’t believe she is already 10 1/2 months old.  I am not sure where this time has gone!!!  I love that she still loves to snuggle with her mama and she smiles with her eyes.

The other night I had given her a bath and I had her on the counter drying her off and I started blowing raspberries on her feet. It was too funny, I had her laughing for a good 10 minutes, belly laughs.  Oh!  It was way too cute!  It’s those moments that I absolutely treasure!!!

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