long overdue post

Well!  Where do I begin?

I was reading a few friends blogs recently and had to laugh.  It’s no surprise but we all write stuff and think…”oh I over shared” or “who will read this nonsense” but the truth is…so often we need each others crazy stories and honesty.  Whether you have a child with special needs or not…EVERYONE goes through a little crazy every week.  Some might just go through more crazy than others but we all go through crazy!

Lately our crazy hasn’t been so bad.  Vi has been relatively healthy.  Some minor things (ear infections) but luckily those we have been able to figure out & she responds well to the antibiotics.

She is growing like a weed!  Our recent nurse visit she was 18 pounds & is in 6 month tops (still 3 mo bottoms) but any growth is SO exciting! 

At last weeks appointments she graduated out of her helmet (sort of by default, not because her head is round) because her head has not grown & typically a child’s head stops growing around 11 mo of age.  We aren’t really too sure what this means for this peanut but she is happy about it.  She was always trying to get herself out of it anyway!  She no longer will need to “Houdini” out of her helmet…now she’s on to the arm brace!  Yesterday she apparently worked her arm brace off, but we haven’t found the right straps.  The soft cushion straps fall apart easily.  The Velcro is nice but that looks like it digs into her arm & the Coban seems to come off easily.  So we are back to the drawing board!

Last week we also saw a new GI doctor to discuss GI issues & nutrition needs as we approach a year and where we go with Violet’s foods.  One nutritionist said to keep her on breast milk until cold & flu season was over & now Dr Brown thinks it’s okay to transition to whole milk just like a normal kid.  We’ll probably do a combination of both.  He didn’t seem opposed to keeping her on longer.

But the major thing for last week of ENT, we were looking at possible ear tubes for the ear infections.  I was so relieved and at ease with Dr Stone at the MFC.  She was really nice.  She reminds me of our other fabulous doctors over there.  (Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t LOVED everyone we’ve seen, but she reminds me of the good ones!) She said she is not in a hurry to put tubes in her ears given her post operative history of seizures and the fact that tubes aren’t a guarantee that they infections will go away.  So we will wait and see.  See if they get closer together, if she quits responding to antibiotics and if her hearing seems to be affected by the infections.

She has started to develop such a personality.

So that is the simple update on Princess Violet.

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