Had a check up yesterday at Marshfield, the good – the bad – the ugly.

Good news: Violet does not have kidney stones anymore!  All of her labs had come back normal so they weren’t sure what kind of stones they would’ve been. Still not sure what the “white matter” was on the ultrasound, now thinking it might have been protiens.  I guess some little kiddos can have extra protien and that can show up like stones.  Either way, her kidney’s look good and we can be ultrasound free for 1 year for them & we got to be discharged from Nephrology!

We also met with a pediatrician at Marshfield since Violet will be having her G-tube placed over there with her history of seizures.  Our GI doctor would be fine with placing the tube but the recovery makes us all a little nervous so we will have to establish GI in MF to get the tube placed. We will see them at the end of April.  So for now we will use the NG tube!

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