I am reminded again tonight of how God blesses our family. While being exhausted and feeding Violet I went on Facebook and caught up on a blog that so many of my local friends follow also. It ‘s about a little baby boy named Treyden who is fighting for his life. You see he has leukemia. Sickening really, cancer is sickening. Why must children, people for that matter have to go through so much hurt and pain with this…cancer.
I am remended of our blessings because many of you know the day to day sleeplessness we face with Violet. But I bet Treyden ‘ s parents would take sleepless nights if it meant they knew their son was healthy & happy and this thing called cancer was gone…out of their son’s body.
So tonight at 1 am I am reminded to be thankful for sleepless night. Thankful for the knowledge that while my baby has got her own issues…it’s not really that bad. My heart is breaking for this young couple. Tears stream down my face as I write this. I know how much it hurts me to see Violet in the hospital when she gets sick but seriously…nothing compares to what they are going through.
Please pray for this family. Pray for Treydens strength but pray for his parents. They need our love and support. I can’t imagine how they feel….my heart breaks for them.
I am reminded when I think something we are going through is bad…someone has something bigger going on than us & I become grateful for what I have…in this case sleepless nights. Sleepless night to knowing she is okay……..

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