Admission day

So here we are, nothing too exciting to report.  We have gone through the admission process with the nurse and the intern.  One of the gals taking care of us today was one of the same people (whom I liked last year) and the other is new. 

Violet just took a catnap and we’ll see if she will wake in a better mood.  She was a little cranky before.  I strung up some toys using the connector rings to her crib and hung some toys from them.  At least that gives her something to play with.  Might not be her same toys she is used to at home & daycare but it’s what I have to work with. 

One of the things I have noticed with her at home & hear is music.  She responds well to music.  Like I said she was getting a little fussy and I put on her music and she started to settle down.  I have done this at home also.  Mostly at night when I want to go back to sleep and she wants to be awake.  I have a section on my iPod that is instrumental music that I put together when Grace as a baby and Violet has taken an interest to it.  It soothes her nicely.

I guess Dr Park, our GI doctor will be by later.  Not sure what time surgery will be yet, but I am guessing since we are in the hospital she will be one of the first cases.  So we’ll see when I get that info. 

Did express my concerns about the IV to the nurse since we have had quite the history here before.  I don’t feel like doing that again.  I know the importance of getting an IV started with her but I know the challenges we face also.  They never last long & if they want one for the operating room, they need to hold off as long as they can.  She, since birth, has been hard on IVs, they rarely last more than a few hours and they are difficult to get.  I mean, DIFFICULT!!!  Considering our last hospital stay it took Anesthesia to get it an within 3 hours it was gone.  Probably before that since she had been really crabby for over an hour…I finally told the nurses to take a good look at the IV and sure enough, her foot was triple in size….how long had it been bad????  Sometimes I will have to be the mama bear vs the nice mama.  I will not let them use her as a pin cushion.    I’ll keep you posted on that 🙂

3 thoughts on “Admission day

  1. I see Vi’s doctor is Dr.Park. I have heard nothing but great things about him. In fact one of the doctors I work for highly recommends him for any peds GI issues. So it sounds like she is in great hands! Lots of prayer going out to you guys, hope all goes well. I will be thinking about you.

    • Dr Park is amazing! Absolutely love him. This summer he will go back into retirement though. 2 new providers will be joining Dr. Fish. So I am not really sure who will be putting in her Mickey button, but we’ll meet Fish on Friday. We’ll eventually go back to Dr Brown once all the procedures are done.

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