Surgery Day

Violet went down for surgery around 7 this morning, with a 7:45 start time.  She did great.  Total time for both surgeries was about an hour and that included possibly needing to start a new IV, this wasn’t confirmed. Jake and I got to go back into the recovery room with her and then we went up to her room.
She is doing pretty good, they did give her an extra dose of seizure meds so she is a little sleepy today but that is okay, it will help her heal. The literature on the ear tubes says that her ears could be sensitive for 3 days to 1 week. She can start to wear her hearing aids right away. One of the things that the ENT doctor said was that she might be a little more sensitive to sound since there is a clearer path to hear, she seemed a little irritable earlier and now that her hearing aid is out she seems a little better so I am not sure if it was bothering her or not.
Her belly should still be numb today, they do some sort of a topical numbing so she can’t feel too much there. I’m already looking forward to the smaller tube…this peg tube is HUGE (long) We did get to burp her and she seems to be pretty happy since then 🙂
So far her IV has lasted but we haven’t held her either so that could be why. I know the nursing staff said we could hold her and they could try to board her foot and make it so it would stay but honestly if we want to guarantee that IV to last longer we need not hold her, but I will admit I am yearning to snuggle with my little sweet pea.
Tomorrow we will start to feed her and I am excited to see how that goes.
I will keep everyone posted on how things are going later if we have any changes or tomorrow.

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