Here’s the exciting new of the week…Violet rolled from her belly to her back this weekend!  I was so excited!!! She hadn’t done it before!  She rolled several times. She hasn’t done it since, but that’s okay…she can do it!  🙂


Her feedings have been doing very well.  She hasn’t been too interested in drinking her bottles but she is taking solids, so that gives me hope. 


We are still looking into what kind of wheelchair we need.  This is one of the hardest choices I have had to narrow down.  My supply guy is really great though.


Check out the events page for a couple of events that are just weeks away.  Hope you can join us for one of them!!!

One thought on “Rolling

  1. If you need some free time…bring your family up here to Merrill…I would love to help for a night out for the two of you! I could also babysit both of your children in your own home….seriously….I have good references….reply if interested
    Lucinda Long
    215 grand ave
    Apt. 611
    Merrill, wi.
    Willing to learn how to be a great caregiver for both your children for a night of love…for two wonderful parents…your love touched my heart. I have good refercenses…..
    Blessings to your family….

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