Violet’s Bleeding

Went for another opinion with the original ENT doctor we saw (we only switched because Aspirus doesn’t have a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit –wanted to have this close by incase Violet started having seizures again post op) Dr Weddle did a great job explaining why / what was going on with Violet and how to treat the bleeding.  I don’t necessarily think she had any different ideas but did a WAY better job explaining things to me.  She also cleaned the dried blood out of her ear.  That was exactly what we needed.


Violet seems to be doing fine today.  We will keep her left hearing aid out a little bit longer to see if that helps with the bleeding. And on a different note some people may have saw that Violet had been grinding her teeth…that hasn’t happened either since her ear got cleaned out…coincidence?  I am thinking they might be related!


Currently she is in the other room…”ayayayagagagagayayaya”  She is hooked up to her tube feeding and looking outside.  I think she really wants to snuggle and go to sleep but she has to wait until my lunch is out of the oven!

So all and all….I think she is doing much better!


Special thanks to Nicole Klatt our audiologist for helping me stay on top of this until we got better answers!

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