Disclaimer: This entry is not for the weak stomach folks….

So I was just thinking about writing an entry but thought I should check on Violet first since Grace and I were in the back yard.  The minute I walked in the living room I knew I was in for a treat.

You see, I know poop smells, but anyone who has had to deal with my daughter’s poop knows…it has a distinctive smell…definitely what you would call….odiferous.  The colors change the like the seasons…Since I had given her chocolate Pediasure yesterday…we have black poop today.  One would normally worry about this but since we have been on this pooping journey…you learn…brown food = brown / black poop.  Now consistency – they tell us she is supposed to have 8 oz of water with her miralax.  She couldn’t consume 8 ounces if she wanted to all in 1 feeding…I have gotten her up 5 1/2 ounces…and all that means is the more water…the more liquid it will be…Doctors have often asked why we give her so much Miralax if she continues to have such liquid BMs…well, anytime we decrease the amount of miralax she won’t poop, her belly gets big & full and she gets really irritable…so here we are diarrhea and all.

We have a fiend who goes through pooping things too & her blog makes me laugh because she has had a post about poop too.  But seriously…my life is consumed by it.  Even if it happens at daycare and not at home Who do you think rinses out the clothes?!?!?!?!  Some days I get so tired of rinsing out poopy clothes I just want to throw them away!  I have cut off more clothes on Violet than I did Grace because I just don’t care some days…just get rid of the onesie…really…I remember Grace getting it brand new from the store.  It has gotten it’s use…really.  Ugh, the poop!  I yearn for the day that poop is not how I spend my evening.  I probably should take stock in OxyClean because it has been a clothes saver for me.  A week of soaking and the poop stains disappear!  Our water bill probably wouldn’t be so enormous if it wasn’t for all the extra laundry we have to do for all of her poop filled clothes.

So how is she doing otherwise???  She still seems to be doing okay.  A little bit of grinding her teeth earlier but I think she was tired & hungry…wondering if this will be a new way of telling us things.  Not sure that is what I want but at least she is trying to communicate.  I did say I wanted her to be able to communicate.  I should be more specific next time 🙂

3 thoughts on “poop

  1. You are right, she is trying to tell you something someway. Did you ever think you would be writing about poop?….lol

    • Hey Marge,
      Definitely never thought I would be talking about poop…ugh! Some days are better than others. Have to say I almost get disappointed when I come home or pick her up and she is still in the clothes I sent her in…what is wrong with that picture ?!?! lol

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