Thanks, it doesn’t seem like enough

Wow!  Where do we begin to thank everyone who has been involved in our lives so closely in the past several weeks?  Both benefits are now over and we truly don’t know where to start thanking people.  Both events were a success and we greatly appreciate all the hard work from the mom’s who put together the Stevens Point benefit, to all the amazing people who donated time and energy and put together baskets to raffle to the volunteers who helped out.  The businesses that donated food, gifts, etc.  Windsor Drive & Uncertain Storm for playing.  Seriously, the list goes on & on. 

To our family and all the golfers for the Beloit benefit – the 2nd annual Gold Benefit was amazing! To those who donated baskets & silent auction items. Thank you so much for all your hard work on putting together this event again!  We are looking forward to another fun event next year.

As I write this “Thanks” doesn’t seem like it’s enough.  To know that so many people care about us, want to help out or family…it truly is overwhelming.  To be at the center of all this is a humbling experience.  Someone asked me during the Point benefit if I knew everyone who had come…the answer…No!  I might have recognized some people but there were so many that I had never met, may never get a chance to meet – again the love is overwhelming.  There is nothing special about us….we are just normal people, working, taking care of our children…but yet we are blessed and loved by so many…all because God entrusted us with this sweet baby girl and a Faith in Him.

So Thank you for blessing us with your love…thank you doesn’t seem like enough.

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