glasses / Sounds

So a fun story…Violet got her glasses last week Wednesday and boy oh boy!  Has seem become alert with them. SO glad we went for a second opinion with Dr Galang and he suggested glasses this time.  She is starting to follow toys, she will look up at you if you walk near her.  I love this!!!!

But the sounds…she is making all kinds of new noises.  she even has this repetitive noise that sort of sounds like mamamamama….I like to think she is saying “mama” 

The developmental gains she has recently had are amazing!  I love everything she does that she didn’t do before.  I love hearing her giggle…see her smile…have her reach for my hand with her toes if I tickle them.  Her feet are a major sensory for her, she is always touching and playing with her feet.  I love when she looks for things are reaches back toward you if you have tickled them.  It’s all so encouraging to experience!  She is making some connections and she is doing great!

2 thoughts on “glasses / Sounds

    • Oh my Goodness, this is an awesome update Natasha ! It gave me tears to read it this morning. Give her lots of love from Grandma Tina and Papa Craig !

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