sigh :smile….laugh…what is she really up to…

I have to share an experience I had today with Violet that makes me smile again right now as I type.

Today I was feeding Violet her lunch.  I find it much easier to give her solids and hook her up to her feeding pump at the same time, it my mind she will then associate being full with eating.  She saw me coming with the bowl of food and puffs…yes, she LOVES puff! and she started laughing and smiling.  She couldn’t stop laughing and smiling though out the entire feeding.  I couldn’t help myself but to smile with her.

Okay, so the truth behind all this laughing and smiling during her feeding I soon discovered might have had nothing to do with me.  I went to pick her up and snuggle with her for her nap and soon discovered what is what all about…those of you that know my sweet baby know exactly what I am talking about, because you too have discovered this same thing a time or two…yes, she had a bowel movement and while her legs weren’t stiff she was kicking a lot while laughing…should’ve known!

Needless to say I enjoyed the giggles & the smiles regardless of what she was doing.  I just love that she found something enjoyable! 🙂

She did it again in the evening while we were at a friends birthday party.  She’s a funny little girl!

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