much needed update

So what has been going on with Violet & her family?!?!?!

Family news: We had found a house not too long ago and closed on it!  Jake & Natasha are home owners!!!  That’s exciting!!!

As for Violet- she got fitted for a kid cart.  It’s a specialized wheelchair / stroller combo.  This will certainly help me when transporting Violet from place to place as she is just getting too heavy to carrier her in the infant car seat and with her low muscle tone she is not able to be carried like a normal child would be.

News that brings a little anxiety: Violet will be going in for another procedure on Monday.  We new this would happen – it’s to replace her current feeding tube and get us 1 step closer to the permanent feeding tube.  They will also be doing some biopsies on her colon to make sure everything is working properly.  This was supposed to be an outpatient procedure but with her questionable history of seizures with anesthesia she will be spending the night.

Then next Wednesday she will be getting fitted or leg braces to help strengthen her legs for standing and looking at the possibility for walking.  She also received her new arm brace & will get that officially fitted this week.

Grace is doing well.  She’s a “Big Tot” and is really excited about her new Tinkerbelle room!

Jake & I celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary on Friday!  Where did all that time go???? Friends of ours also gave us PACKER tickets that they aren’t able to use.  I am super excited as I have never been to a game & it happens to be the weekend of Jake’s birthday so we have some dear friends of ours coming to stay with the girls and we will have a weekend away….oh my goodness! A weekend away from my girls?!?!  That brings some anxiety!!!  But I trust our friends so I know everything will work out!

3 thoughts on “much needed update

  1. Thanks for sharing your life with us. That’s a lot of things going on! Keep trusting God to be there for you and continue to look to him for strength when you think yours is all gone. He will renew your mind and body. You remain in our prayers.

  2. So Happy about the new house and Happy Anniversay! Enjoy your weekend get away. Sounds like Vi is going to have a lot going on this week. Prayers that all goes well.

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