from Violet

Well, even though yesterday’s news was stressful on mama I feel so much better today. Dr Weddle took my old tubes out of my ears and I can relax and am at peace. I even played in my mats tonight. Mama said I had to play quietly because daddy wasn’t feeling good and he went to bed very early. After playing for a while mom put me in front of the window to look outside. That’s what I miss the most about our new house. I used to look out the patio window all the time. I really like being outside and watching the outdoors. Then after a while of watching the front yard I played in another one of my mats while mom folded some laundry and Grace played with her magnetic dolls. Mom was playing for a while too but she needed to get the laundry folded. Then it was time to eat and put Grace to bed.
Mom was excited and so was the Yvonne from Dr. Weddle’s office because I was in a much better mood today than when they saw me with my favorite audiologist Nicki yesterday. Yesterday I just did NOT feel well at all! But I got good sleep last night–mom did say she gave me something to help me relax and take away my discomfort — I didn’t mind because I just need to sleep to feel good sometimes too!
I know mama is worried about me getting more ear infections without my tubes because I did so well with them. It didn’t matter what season it was I was getting ear infections before I got my tubes. But I am going to try my best and hopefully we will have a healthy winter season!
But I suppose I better get to bed so mama can go too. She is on her own with me tonight since daddy doesn’t feel good. Hopefully he doesn’t share this with me or Grace or mom – mom’s not allowed to get sick! She is TOO busy with work and taking care of me and all my stuff. Especially now that I have therapy weekly!
Have a good night!

One thought on “from Violet

  1. Violet – you have the best mom a girl could ask for. She has lots of love for you and wants only the very best for you, your sister and your daddy. Hope he feels better real soon. Be sure to let your mom get some rest too! Know that we pray for you, your mom and the rest of your precious family. Thank you (and Mom) for your updates. I enjoy reading them and hearing about your progress. You are very special and God has great things planned for you.

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