Year End Review


Wow! 2013 has been quite a year for us.  Violet has been relatively healthy compared to 2012.  We have had a couple of small procedures and hospitalizations but nothing too scary or out of “our norm”

We had so much fun with our  family, friends and community as we were blessed to have been shown the love and support of so many people with the 2 benefits held for Violet.

We were blessed to have finally found a house that will work for Violet’s needs and give us the space we need for equipment. I joked with our realtor so many times about whether or not we were actually going to find a house.  (we had been house hunting for what truly felt like an eternity).

2013 Also left us with some sadness.  We lost several of our favorite caregivers at daycare and while they still remain close friends they are moved away or busy with their new jobs and we miss them dearly.  Some graduated and moved on and others came back after summer vacation but things are just….different.  We have grown to love so many of our caregivers and it’s hard to have them part and move on and have to learn new people and get people to really understand us and Violet’s needs.

Violet got her feeding tube which allowed for major development and growth which gave us the need for her kid cart (its like a wheelchair / stroller combo) which gives her the ability to be mobile and gives my back a chance to not break from carrying her around. However the kid cart does not fit well in either vehicle we owned so at the end of November we purchased a mini van!  That’s right, we are now mini van parents! 

I have started to use Essential Oils to try to combat some of Violet’s needs, which includes sleeping.  She has started to sleep 5-6 hours on a good night which is an amazingly better average than our normal 4.  Some days I actually feel like a human again! 

So is there anything planned for 2014?  Well at the end of January Violet will go in to get her ear tubes replaced as she had them removed at the end of September because they had moved and were plugged and she has already suffered several ear infections since (although, there is an oil to help that we will still proceed).  We would like to take the girls on a little weekend away for something fun.  Something Grace would really enjoy.  Of course we will travel to see family and have the Golf Benefit in Beloit! 

What are my hopes for 2014?  I hope that we can stay focused on our Creator and what He has given us, stay true to who we are, (of course health…how could I not hope for a healthy year?)  hope that people would understand me better and realize that if I try to give them suggestions on how to take care of Violet or what we need to do to keep her development growing that it is not taken poorly but instead out of love.  Honestly I hope to lose some of this weight I have gained since having Violet.  (it seems silly I know, but the weight came off and stayed off with Grace but there has been no time and too much stress since Vi has been born and I can not lose it!)  I hope that I have more time to spend and reflect in The Word of God.

I hope that for all those around us, family, friends, acquaintances, that you would be happy and healthy as well. 

Recently on one of our dear sweet caregivers Facebook pages she posted a verse that is a reminder for all of us, it’s from Romans 8:28, it says “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Here’s to 2014


one more….the love these girls have for each other is amazing! Violet have been blessed with an older sister who has so much love and adoration for her baby sister.  I can not wait to watch and enjoy Grace growing up.



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