So here is a quick version of all that went on.  Many people know that Vi had ear tubes placed in April when we got our G-tube.  Well in September we started having problems with them and at the end of the month we took them out.  From that point forward we were on antibiotics for 10 days / off for 2 weeks so on and so forth because she continued to get more ear infections.  So we went back to Dr Stone to see what her thoughts were about getting tubes put back in.  She was on board. So yesterday we underwent another procedure to get new tubes.  What they were projecting to be a 30-45 minute OR took all of 20 minutes. Praise the Lord!  Vi was not under for long at all.  She got to the OR started looking around, went to sleep nicely and before I knew it she was back in my arms. 

One thing I do love about St. Joseph’s hospital is that they have a program and they have “Child Life Specialist”  it’s someone who can let the children know what is going to happen to them on their terms but for us Violet doesn’t really need that. But the wonderful thing is we have been able to have the same CLS each time we have been there.  Heather has been there with Violet through some rough times and I was so glad to know that while I couldn’t be with Vi, Heather was.

Vi is doing amazing post operatively. I am pretty sure she was dealing with some nausea yesterday so I got some ginger oil and put that on her feet and she seems to be doing better now.

What is ginger oil you ask?  Oh don’t worry, that’s another entry I need to get done this weekend.  I have found an amazing product that has really helped not only Violet is SO many ways but the rest of the family as well….stay tuned!

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