2014 update

Where to begin? 2014 has come in with a bang.

Overwhelmed by all of the yearly or 6 month recheck appointments Violet got her second set of ear tubes since she continued to have ear infections after her 1st set came out. All in all that seems much better. Praise the Lord!

All of her annual appointments went very good. Honestly, there is nothing too exciting to report.

We were given some sad news last month and Violet’s favorite Occupational Therapist left our county and we started outpatient OT also. We are working with someone familiar at least. Linda is one of our NICU therapist.

Violet is doing well. Everything is on Violet’s terms of course! But occasionally she will stand and we even get her to take some guided steps, she can drink water with a big girl cup! We are working on getting her gait trainer. The lovely insurance completely denied the stander so we are moving on since she is doing alright.

We got a new sensory toy for her, a visually impaired toy. So far, she has not liked it, but I continue to give it a try.

Hearing aids & glasses: Well, you know, when Violet wants to, Violet does. Lately she has not been a huge fan of either of these. Not sure why, but that is what we are going through there.

Summer starts a new round of appointments, I need to decide whether or not I want to keep a 4 month appointment with physical medicine or push it off to a longer day with more appointments in early fall. I dread going over for 1-2 appointments. As stressful as it seems it’s almost easier to have a full schedule.

I will update more when the time comes.

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