I was going through some clothes of Grace’s last night to see what we could use for Violet and I ran across an outfit that my mom had gotten for them.  The girls had matching outfits.  Grace’s was 24 months & I can’t be for certain but I think Vi’s was somewhere between 0-6 months.  Wow!  Time has flown!  The girls have grown so much!!! it’s hard to think that Vi is in 24 month clothing and Grace is in 5T, Where did all that time go?  When did these girls get so big? So hard to imagine!

What’s been going on with Violet?  Not too much, so far (knocking on wood as I type) 2014 has been pretty healthy year.  She got her 2nd set of ear tubes & they have been working amazingly well, Thank you Dr Stone @ MFC!  With the first set of tubes we didn’t have any drainage…as a matter of fact, I don’t even think we had any ear infections but they ended up getting plugged and moved so we had to take them out but these ones are already showing how much better they are.  I picked Violet up for therapy a couple weeks ago and noticed that she had some nasty drainage from her ear, brought her to the doc and sure enough…infected.  But the best part was, she wasn’t showing signs of an infection like normal so the tubes clearly did what they were supposed to do & no oral antibiotics!!! 

Violet did end up getting some weird respiratory virus that lingered forever and lead to a chest xray which showed some questionable area on her xray leading us to an early cardiology visit and echo. Luckily this was all okay and we are free from cardiology for another year. So until the next round of appointments or anything exciting happens.

Stay tuned for 2014 Benefit info!

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