“Minor things”

Technically it’s still summer and we have had our first bout with the cold season.  Violet started it and ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia.  Grace got it and ended up with a sinus infection and now I got it.

The funny thing for me though is treating pneumonia at home is a minor thing.  I ran into someone at the park and she asked how Violet was doing and I said pretty good.  We have had a few minor things but pretty good.  Now Violet’s sleep habits are horrible and that comes with her brain condition so to me when she gets sick and she sleeps even worse, I guess I don’t think too much of it.  But with the pneumonia she would not settle down unless she was being held.  This was difficult.  I had posted something on facebook about how the pneumonia was kicking me in the butt and the same friend I had ran into at the park was confused because I had said that we were ok.  Please keep in mind, pneumonia being treated at home vs being hospitalized…is such a minor thing in all that we have faced.  I had to laugh…yeah, absolutely, more sleep deprivation, a somewhat serious illness and that is just minor for me…I can see how that is a big deal in others worlds.  So I guess I need to think about how I approach the “how is she doing” questions…. 🙂

She also has been suffering from a wound by her gtube sight which currently is healed but we will see for how long.  I received her longer button yesterday so after bath today will change that and hopefully if we can keep her cushioned we can keep this sore from coming back.

She is completely over the illness now and is back to her sassy little 2 year old self.  I forgot how tiring it is to change a toddler diaper.  Violet has discovered that it is a LOT of fun to roll around while getting her diaper changed and dressed.  I am exhausted at the end of all that!

September marks another busy month for us as we see almost all of our specialist in Marshfield in a 2 day period as well as our normal therapy schedule.  I am so grateful for an employer and coworkers who understand my need to take care of my child and all that Violet needs.  I couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies!


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