Medical & developmental update

So what has been going on with Violet?

In September we had a round of routine appointment that went well.  We have regular 60 to year follow ups.  We also had a consult with the developmental pediatrician.  Who referred us for a sleep study to help get some answers for Violets sleep issues.  The eye doctor also made the recommendation for Violet to go to UW Health in Madison to get a more intensive eye exam, VEP.  This will help us have a better understanding of how Violets brain processes what she sees.

Violet recently has some struggles with an infection in her belly that we are finally over.  It lead to a lot of abdominal pain and discomfort resulting in a very irritable girl and even more sleepless nights.

Violet underwent her sleep study this past Monday.  As much as I’d prefer not to, we will started Violet on a new medication to help her relax (this will replace the previously given Benadryl and pain meds) and then have increased her med that we used to help her sty asleep. So far we are 2 for 2 in sleeping through the night.  Let me tell you it is amazing what some sleep with do for a mama!  Violet has been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea which we will be seeing ENT for to see if she would benefit from having her tonsils and adenoids removed.  I am not really interested in going through the process of another surgery but I also want to make sure that Violet is in the best health and has the best options for sleep and health.

Violet has started school this fall also.  She has been making some amazing gains developmental gains.  She is starting to walk more in her gait trainer, she is interacting more and making choices.  Recently when in the gait trainer a consultant we have working with Violet & the EC (early childhood) staff asked if they always opened the door for Violet to walk through and they said, yes.  Heidi asked what would happen if they shut the door, if Violet would react.  React she did from the story I heard.  Apparently she got quite mad until they opened the door and then she walked through it.  I LOVE IT!!!!  Violets response to this is HUGE!!!  She is also responding to people who she sees on a regular basis and “hides” when she doesn’t want to do what you are suggesting.

Violet is growing like a weed and is such a funny little girl.  She is getting a little sad the weather is changing and it ‘s getting cooler outside and she will not be able to spend as much time outside as she has.  Someday my plan is to build a sunroom for her that is surrounded by windows giving her the ability to “feel” like she is outside even when we are inside and somehow have it always nice and warm for her so she can enjoy being out side all year long.

She is looking forward to getting her new bed that way when she plays in her bed after s wakes she can fit and not get stuck.

I think that’s the quick update for now.  I’ll do my best to update sooner. Life has just been crazy and so often I update this in my head but never really get it on the computer.


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