Thank You

                   Thank you

Wow! I can’t not believe it is September already and the months of preparation and event for the Race for Violet 5K Family Run/Walk are behind us. The dream of the 5K was an idea of my friend April and mine; we wanted to do something active and family friendly. Violet loves to be outside and we certainly couldn’t have asked for a better day for the event! We want to thank you so much for your support for this event and for this special little girl.

The benefit was a huge success and it was because of local people and companies, like you, that made all of this possible. To see the outpouring of love and support from the community, from both friends and strangers alike, for our family is again overwhelming, for lack of better words. We are so blessed to live in the community we do where people come together selflessly to provide for our child.

We all know that children grow too fast and life is no different for Violet, to think she is almost 4 years old at times I am blown away to think of all the things she has been through. She started preschool last January and continues with more school therapies this year. Stevens Point has an amazing program for special needs children and we are so blessed!

So what is in store for Violet in the next year? Violet will be getting a new bed. A bigger bed that is safer for her. Now that she is getting bigger her crib is getting far too small and as she rolls around in her bed her limbs will get out of the railings and when she ends up the short way she currently is length for length and her face is getting squished. It’s quite the sight! Her bedroom is also getting a face lift and we will be installing countertop and cabinets and getting a bigger changing pad and creating a better changing station for her since she currently still used the baby changing table we have had for her. Another place that when stretches out she is outgrowing, again, quite the site!   But this little girl never gets upset, she giggles about these situations she gets herself into! The sense of humor she has will make anyone laugh! In addition to the bedroom face lift we will also be installing a swing and a jumper for her in the house to add different there therapeutic stimulation at home.

Again I want to reiterate that Thank You never seems to be enough. The amount of love and support that continues to be outpoured for Violet is so overwhelming. We are blessed to know that while insurance does cover so many things there are still times that funding and insurance don’t meet the needs of a special needs child and we are blessed to know that we have support and a system in place to manage a comfortable life for Violet giving her the tools she needs to be successful.

Thank you,         

                                  The Family of Violet Thompson


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