1 week and a day

Violet will be having her tonsils and adenoids removed on the 21st. What’s a simple procedure for most kids brings me anxiety. We will be admitted to the ICU post operatively.
I have some serious anxiety about how she will be post op. How will we manage pain? How will we know if she is in pain? What if she starts bleeding? What about when she gets home?
From my previous work history I used to get kids on the short stay floor after a simple T&A ( tonsil and adenoidectomy) and we encourage soft, cold food and well, Violet won’t be able to do that…so…how does this work?
I’m so grateful we have a conservative surgeon who knows Violet. Knows that Violet doesn’t play by any rules and needs to be treated than other children.

But for now, I will embrace Violets snuggles and giggles and hope that all goes better than planned.

Wish us luck!

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