Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Violet had her surgery at the end of January. We spent one  night in the ICU to make sure her pain stayed until control she could tolerate her feedings and she didn’t have any bleeding post operatively.
Violet did surprisingly well, although she wanted to be held and kept upright so we came home Friday.
She started doing a lot of coughing Saturday and Sunday. By Monday she was starting to cough out some secretions. Throughout the weekend and even on Monday I was calling the surgeons to make sure everything was still normal. Violet also wasn’t tolerating her feeds.
I decided to do a slow continuous feed. Stopping formula and doing pedialyte and water.

Wednesday we went into the doctor and Violet had pneumonia.
Once on medication she recovered very well from the surgery and has been doing well since.

Recently she started suffering from her seasonal allergies so I am trying to combat that right now.

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