Aspiration pneumonia 

Violet scared me several months ago and I woke up to the sound of her gurgling on her own vomit in the middle of the night. I quickly ran into her room and turned her on her side. 

I spoke with the pediatrician the following day about it and Violet seemed ok. We watched her and 2 days later she developed a fever on top of the cough she had prior to the incident. So off to the ER went went. First diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia. We got through it with flying colors and she’s been healthy since. Until recently. 

Violet had just been really off. Her demeanor was not the same at child care and I’m so thankful they andre attentive to her. We continued to monitor her at home and check in with child care and she was really the most fussy at child care. Brought her to the doctor, nothing. Okay, no big deal. Just a lot of sass. Which for Violet is no big surprise. This girl has spunk! A week or so goes by, still not herself. So we bring her in again, checked her ears, ran a urine to see if it was her normal stuff. Everything checked out okay. Hmm, over the course for the weekend she get worse at home but not enough to bring her to the ER.  I make an appointment with the pediatrician on Monday and just incase she wants a chest xray just to make sure. 

I’m so grateful for an amazing doctor who knows Violet and trusts my concern and is thorough to run the appropriate test and the appropriate times. The xray doesn’t look horrible let so we leave, I get a call from the doctor, the radiologist read the xray. Aspiration pneumonia #2. 

I’ve known long before our first diagnosis that some kiddos like Violet can face things like this. While Violet does suffer from reflux, it isn’t as bad as other kiddos but it can be critical for us. 

So 2 diagnosis of aspiration pneumonia is a short period of time, so where do we go from here? In January Violet will under go some testing to see if she is swallowing right and see if everything is okay with her upper GI. There are many scenarios that can come out of the results and some of them I just refuse to think about. So, for now, I will continue to pray and trust God to give me the strength to make the right decisions for my sweet angel.

Merry Christmas! Hold your loved ones close! 💓

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