So many of you have been holding your breath with me for the post operative over night update.  Violet is doing AMAZING!!!  We started to give her some Pedialite through her g-tube last night and she is tolerating it just fine.  Surprisingly enough her IV is still in too, although she was really trying to get it out last night and the nurse said she is at the point where she either should retape it because it’s dangling or we just let it dangle and it will eventually fall out….I say let it dangle.  She is tolerating her feeds just fine & today we will start nutrition…why keep the IV????

I am proud of her though because Lab came in and drew her blood and she didn’t even budge…I should’ve gotten her name because she did a fabulous job!

So the big question: any signs of seizures???  Nope, not a single weird twitch!  Thank you all for your prayers and support!  God hears our prayers and He answers!

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