home sweet home

Well Vi & I came home on Wednesday.  Things are gong really well.  She seems to be very happy since we have gotten the tubes (all of them) and increased her calories.  I also found out while in the hospital that Vi can tolerate more than we thought!  One night I accidentally poured all her meds in 4 ounces of boost, which doesn’t seem so bad since that was her normal volume, but what I haven’t told you yet was I already fed her the milk (2oz) so we are looking at a volume of 6 ounces!  And guess what!?!  She did just fine!  I did give her about a 20 minute break in between but still.  She did really well.  So I have increased her volume an ounce and that is strictly water since everyone wants her to have more water. 

So, I am not sure what is so great about the hospital bed…but Vi slept amazing while we were in the hospital and once we got back home…she is back to her usual tricks of not sleeping!  But she is pretty stinking cute now that we get to see her face all the time. Her pretty little, kissable cheeks.  Love it!

Grace was pretty excited for us to be back.  She  definitely missed both of us but she is quite attached to her mama — that’s for sure! 

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