Well, We have had the G-tube for almost 2 weeks.  I am beginning to wonder if we shouldn’t have done it sooner but we can’t go back on the “shoulda, coulda, woulda’s”.  Vi is doing rather well.  Every day she eats a little by mouth. Today for lunch I got her to eat her applesauce but not drink from her bottle.  I personally don’t care what she takes as long as she tries something every feeding.  One of the questions that many people have asked is “how long will she have to have the feeding tube?”  Honestly, I may never get rid of it!  We never have to fight with her to take meds, if she is having a stubborn day we can still get nutrients in her, if she gets sick and we need to get fluids in her, we don’t have to worry about an IV – we can put the fluids in her tube.  The list honestly goes on. 

I have to admit, I was against it a year ago.  I wanted to see what Violet could do, on her own, without the aide of a device.  But man, am I glad we have it!  For a parent who doesn’t want to get one….I was there!  Like I said, I was totally against it –but 2 weeks into it…I wouldn’t go back for a second!

Getting used to the morning routine is a challenge.  Vi still doesn’t sleep great at night so getting out of bed in the morning is still a challenge.  I really need to get up when my alarm goes off because I need to start Vi’s feeding at the same time I wake up Grace for the day, but I can’t do both things.  If only I could get up 15 minutes sooner….that 15 minutes will be even earlier in 2 weeks as my work schedule changes & I will be going in 30 minutes earlier.  While I am looking forward to that I will stress in the beginning on how I am going to get everything ready.  Phew! 


2 thoughts on “Feedings

  1. So happy the G-tube is going well for her. If you need some help let me know. Not sure what I can do but I’ll try.

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